About Us

Including the Drive supplement - a guide to Motability vehicles - UCan2 is the disability magazine which covers everything from getting around to knowing your rights, to products and services which make life easier.

Our previous magazines have included articles on, home and garden adaptations, along with new Motability vehicles, disability aids, disabled parking, visual impairments and hearing aids along with a wide range of other topics. 


Ucan2 Latest Issue cover.


Distributed to regular subscribers, as well as Disabled Living Centres. 


We feature regular articles on the equipment you might need, for example wheelchairs and accessories or other aids, and we focus on Changing Places and accessible bathrooms. We promote accessible education and training, employment rights for all and news on the benefits and government policy which affect people living with a disability. We delve into these issues, sometimes with a critical eye but always with an ethos which champions the rights of those who have a disability. And if you’re looking for accessible holidays and days out, we provide some inspiration on where to go and what to do.