Importance of taking part in activities when you have a disability

December 5, 2018

The term disability covers a wide range of conditions and impairments, but it can be anything which can affect a person’s everyday living. This can include mental, physical, cognitive or developmental impairments. 

It is important that people living with a disability have access to a wide variety of activities which help to improve their everyday quality of life. 


Physical Wellbeing

Physical exercise can be a huge challenge for someone who is living with a disability, and this is not just restricted to those with limited mobility. Exercise can seem like a daunting task which is why inclusive sports and activities should be offered widely in the community. 

Research shows that regular exercise has a multitude of benefits including an increase in energy levels, and an improvement in mood. There are many opportunities for those living with disabilities to take part in exercise, whether it is visiting an accessible gym, taking part in an inclusive exercise class, or joining a local team. 


Combatting Loneliness

Living with a disability can sometimes cause people to withdraw and become less forthcoming in taking part in activities, which can in turn lead to a feeling of loneliness. Social interaction as part of group activities is vital to help someone feel included.

Local coffee shops may offer meetings where people living with similar disabilities can come together, care homes may have dementia games to be played in groups which can help reduce loneliness in those living with dementia, or taking part in an online discussion about something which is of interest can help someone feel part of a community. 


Building Confidence

Having the confidence to take part in an activity can be taken for granted and for many people interacting within groups can be difficult. Inclusion is key to building confidence, and so finding groups which are suited to different abilities is a brilliant way to begin. 

Completing tasks such as puzzles, a painting, or an exercise challenge is a fantastic way to build confidence, and the sense of achievement will vastly improve a persons self-esteem and self-worth. 


A person living with a disability will face challenges in their everyday life, but is important that these challenges are not restricting their wellbeing. Activities rarely have just one single benefit, such as taking part in a crafts class can be hugely beneficial in a multitude of ways, including building a sense of achievement, increasing social interaction and working on new skills. It is important that each individual has access to activities which are both suitable and engaging to benefit their overall wellbeing. 


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