The social care system is on its knees – a new vision that puts disabled people at its heart is a watershed moment

Richard Kramer, Chief Executive of Sense, said: “For generations, the social care system has been treated as the Cinderella service to the NHS. Barely a week passes without a media headline or report on the crisis in social care, and despite years of empty promises of reform, it’s a crying shame that we still have a social care system that is on its knees – underfunded, understaffed and underresourced.

Proposals by the Fabian Society to deliver a new social care service could be a watershed moment for millions, and finally see a shift in how social care is funded, akin to the NHS.

“Disabled households up and down the country rely on social care support to get by, with disabled addisabled wheelchair userults of working age making up a third of adult social care users. But for far too long disabled people have been forgotten and left out of the conversation about the care they receive.

That’s why it’s so heartening to see the new proposals recognise the struggles that disabled families face, and emphasise how crucial it is that the needs of disabled people are met and that disabled people have a say on all aspects of their social care.”

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock