Gliding, quad biking, sailing and blokarting with Sportability

December 14, 2018

Jen Bourke from King’s Lynn, East Anglia, tells UCan2 how her Sportability experience has been nothing short of amazing…

Prior to suffering with MS, I had always been an outgoing, confident, professional individual. However, I became a very different person during 2015 as my symptoms took hold, robbing me of all of this, as well as my known identity. Suddenly, I found myself experiencing the very unfamiliar feeling of vulnerability and having a total lack of confidence and self-worth having been propelled into a position that I was so unaccustomed to, and swiftly being made aware of all the things that I was no longer able to do. Jen paragliding with Sportability

My world became a very small place and I was excluded from many activities/outings as I wasn't able to participate. I was then introduced to Sportability through a very good friend and wow, I haven't looked back! Sportability has enabled me to experience a variety of activities, such as gliding, quad biking and sailing. The experiences have been truly exhilarating; it's such a wonderful feeling to participate in an environment where you feel safe, where you are accepted as you are and, where people focus on what you can do, and not what you can't. To be amongst other like-minded people who have struggles of their own, yet with the amazing Sportability team and their partners, we can all get involved and experience such thrilling times is truly brilliant. 

I have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment whenever I have been fortunate enough to participate in a Sportability event. It has provided me with an opportunity to not only experience such super activities, but to also socialise. I always come away from a day with Sportability with a big smile and feeling emotionally energised and on top of the world. My confidence has grown as I realise that there is an abundance of things out there that I can in fact do and, more importantly, am now doing thanks to these wonderful folks.

I love the Sportability strapline "taking the dis out of disability" and by jove do they live up to it! A truly fantastic organisation, made up of phenomenal people that make you realise that with the right support and attitude, there's a whole lot of fun out there to be had!

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