Considerations When Adapting a Car for a Disabled User

June 19, 2018

Wheelchair accessible transportation can be a huge problem for those with a disability and/or those that care for someone with a disability. Public transportation can be difficult and unreliable, plus it does not always get you to where you need to go. Fortunately, in recent times there have been some incredible advances in disability friendly motoring with many vehicles now available for those with a disability to either drive themselves or ride as passenger safely and comfortably.


Disabled vehicles are important because they can provide a tremendous amount of freedom and independence to those with disabilities. Whether this is making it possible to get a job and easily commute or carry out the weekly shopping, these vehicles can transform lives and take all of the stress out of transportation.

Wheelchair accessibleAdaptations

Of course, different disabilities have different limitations so there are certain things to be aware of when adapting a car for a disabled user. First, it is important to identify what aspect of motoring poses a challenge for the individual. If they have difficulty steering, a joystick could be used instead of the steering wheel. If it is a problem with using the pedals, hand controlled triggers could be used to control accelerating and braking. There are many other types of adaptation to consider too.


It is also important to think about access. If the user has a wheelchair, the vehicles will need to be adapted so that it can be a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). These vehicles utilise a ramp or lift with a high point of entry and the ability to safely secure the wheelchair whilst inside. These vehicles can be adapted by specialists like Allied Mobility who will provide a tailored service to provide a vehicle that meets your exact needs.

Usage Wheelchair accessible

In addition to these important factors, it is also worth considering how the vehicle will typically be used. This will include thinking about how many passengers there will be most of the time, whether a lot of storage space is needed, whether it will be used mainly in the city or on the motorway etc. This will enable you to determine whether it is best to opt for a compact disabled car or a larger disabled van.

The advances in disability motoring can transform lives and provide a huge amount of freedom to those with a disability. In order to get the most out of the vehicle, it is important to consider the above to determine what adaptations need to be made and what the best type of automobile is.

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