Joiner working with a prosthetic leg - disability inclusion

Your helpful guide to disability inclusion in the workplace - 2022

In an increasingly digital and remote working environment, a leading employee benefits company has designed a guide to help employers focus on inclusivity. 


Ben -…

Heal chronic pain on legs

5 tips to manage chronic pain

Chronic pain is hard. Especially when it's one of several conditions or symptoms you’re juggling through the day. You aren’t alone - up to 50% of the UK adult population experience chronic pain,…

Claire brown - benefits of coaching for diverse-thinkers

The benefits of workplace coaching for diverse-thinkers

Claire Brown is a qualified Life, Career & Executive Coach and supports professionals to do work they love. Claire is passionate about enabling others to find meaning and fulfilment in their…

happy children stay safe online

Staying Safe Online for Children & Young People With Extra Difficulties


At Seashell Trust, we want to support our students to access technology. Technology and the online experience can bring so many positive aspects to their lives, but can also,…

Women starting business

5 Tips for Women Starting Business to Create the Success You Want

The pandemic has been tough on women in the UK. This is because women are more likely to work in the most affected sectors, and working on zero-hours contracts and part-time hours.

So job…

Claire Sweet - How to run a successful business

Why UCan2: How you can run a financially successful business and create a life to suit your needs

It is Possible to Run a Financially Successful Business and Create a Life To Suit You and Your Needs

Written by Claire Sweet, an award-winning financial adviser, money coach…

Anna parker Naples talks successful podcasts

How women can create a successful podcast | Top tips

“Women Not Podcasting Due To Visibility & Tech Fears” -Leading Podcast Expert Encourages more Women to Tap into Audio Power and Shares Top Tips To Creating A Successful Podcast from the…

women hosting disability podcasts

6 Disability podcasts you need to listen to today

Are you feeling stressed? Tired? Struggling with a disability? Or maybe you just want something new to listen to over sitting in front of the TV? Podcasts are a great alternative to a book, they'…

Carolina talks eating disorders

5 Things You Need to Know About Eating Disorders

by Carolina Mountford


  • Eating Disorders are mental illnesses which means you cannot tell if someone has an eating disorder just by looking at them. A person’s weight…
Adaptive Clothing UK

The best adaptive clothing brands the UK has to offer in 2022

The UK is slowly catching up with the US and its options for adaptive clothing. We now have a selection of fantastic brands to choose from on the high street and online. However, there is limited…

self care isn't selfish

7 tips to reduce anxiety and improve your wellbeing

2021 has been a tough year for all, with lockdowns, job losses and lots of uncertainty around our way of living. At one point or another, you may have had to deal with a level of stress or anxiety…

Hearing loss - boy listening

How To Effectively Communicate With People Who Have Some Form Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is considered a disability and approximately 11 million people in the UK have some form of it. Contrary to popular belief,…

Christmas Gifts 2021

The perfect Christmas gifts of 2021

With Christmas only around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your Christmas gifts chosen and beat the last-minute rush.

To help take away some of…

ADHD in girls - Louise Karwowski

ADHD in girls - how misconceptions impede diagnose

Louise Karwowski, Director of Education at Cognassist talks to Ucan2 about ADHD in girls for ADHD month.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a condition that comes with…

goose the horse helping rory to build trust in people

Ex-Eventer Goose Helps Rory Build Trust in People

Jeanette Davies’ son, Rory, has always had a passion for horses and it was this love that was to unlock his fear and anxiety around other people, with the help of the fantastic staff at Barguse…

Automatic car on side of tree filled road

Should you convert to an automatic car or buy new - 2019

Automatic cars are as popular as ever, and they can often be easier to dive if you're living with a disability. So, if you currently have a manual and you’re thinking about switching, should you…

Raised flower beds help make a garden accessible

How to make your garden accessible

There are so many health benefits to gardens – from improved sleep to better mental health.

A study by researchers Soga, Gaston & Yamaura published on Science Direct found: “…

Blue Badge parking - cartoon by Tony Meredith of cars being lifted up by a machine

Jenni Meredith discusses the hidden disability Blue Badge extension

UCan2 Jenni Meredith warns that although the legislation is changing, there’s more to be done if everyone who needs a Blue Badge is to receive one – and find somewhere to park!

Some of you…

Ross is a Culinary Apprentice through the Lighthouse Futures Trust and loves his job

Why autism needn't be a barrier to finding a job

Autism and learning difficulties can often make recruitment difficult – for both the candidate and the employer. Can local forums help overcome such barriers to finding a job, and enable companies…