Adaptive Clothing UK

The best adaptive clothing brands the UK has to offer in 2022

The UK is slowly catching up with the US and its options for adaptive clothing. We now have a selection of fantastic brands to choose from on the high street and online. However, there is limited…

self care isn't selfish

7 tips to reduce anxiety and improve your wellbeing

2021 has been a tough year for all, with lockdowns, job losses and lots of uncertainty around our way of living. At one point or another, you may have had to deal with a level of stress or anxiety…

Hearing loss - boy listening

How To Effectively Communicate With People Who Have Some Form Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is considered a disability and approximately 11 million people in the UK have some form of it. Contrary to popular belief,…

Christmas Gifts 2021

The perfect Christmas gifts of 2021

With Christmas only around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your Christmas gifts chosen and beat the last-minute rush.

To help take away some of…

ADHD in girls - Louise Karwowski

ADHD in girls - how misconceptions impede diagnose

Louise Karwowski, Director of Education at Cognassist talks to Ucan2 about ADHD in girls for ADHD month.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a condition that comes with…

goose the horse helping rory to build trust in people

Ex-Eventer Goose Helps Rory Build Trust in People

Jeanette Davies’ son, Rory, has always had a passion for horses and it was this love that was to unlock his fear and anxiety around other people, with the help of the fantastic staff at Barguse…

Automatic car on side of tree filled road

Should you convert to an automatic car or buy new - 2019

Automatic cars are as popular as ever, and they can often be easier to dive if you're living with a disability. So, if you currently have a manual and you’re thinking about switching, should you…

Raised flower beds help make a garden accessible

How to make your garden accessible

There are so many health benefits to gardens – from improved sleep to better mental health.

A study by researchers Soga, Gaston & Yamaura published on Science Direct found: “…

Blue Badge parking - cartoon by Tony Meredith of cars being lifted up by a machine

Jenni Meredith discusses the hidden disability Blue Badge extension

UCan2 Jenni Meredith warns that although the legislation is changing, there’s more to be done if everyone who needs a Blue Badge is to receive one – and find somewhere to park!

Some of you…

Ross is a Culinary Apprentice through the Lighthouse Futures Trust and loves his job

Why autism needn't be a barrier to finding a job

Autism and learning difficulties can often make recruitment difficult – for both the candidate and the employer. Can local forums help overcome such barriers to finding a job, and enable companies…

RDA 50 Faces Campaign

Meet the 50 Faces Breaking Down Barriers

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) is celebrating 50 years of achievement, therapy and fun through horses with a stunning online collection of portraits and stories from all over the UK. …

Kitty riding a horse from Accessibility Mark

Accessibility Mark and RDA Work Together to Help Kitty Achieve Her Goals

12-year-old Kitty Scarboro has loved horses all her life, first sitting on a horse at six months old during an equine therapy session. 

Kitty, from Battle, East Sussex, was born with…

Girl in sensory garden at school

How to create a sensory garden at school

With their interesting sights and smells, sensory gardens are perfect additions for schools to aid with the sensory development of children. Nicky Roeber, Online Horticultural Expert at …

Driverless cars – a button on the dashboard for automated driving

How driverless cars can assist people with disabilities

With driverless cars gearing up to hit the roads in the months and years to come, the motoring world looks set to experience one of its biggest shifts very shortly. Autonomous car technology is…

MOWOOT Chronic Constipation Therapy Device

MOWOOT Chronic Constipation Therapy Device

MOWOOT - the Natural Solution to Chronic Constipation


Things to Consider Before Buying a Stairlift

Claire Hamilton from Stairlifts Reviews discusses what you need to think about if you’re considering buying a…

Saucepan to help people with arthritis

Saucepan designed by student to help elderly people with arthritis stay independent

A saucepan to help elderly people with arthritis keep their independence has been designed by a student who was inspired by her grandparents.


Effects of CES on childhood autism beneficial according to new study

Effects of CES on childhood autism beneficial according to new study

UK autism expert and neuroscientist, Dr Lorene Amet conducted a pilot evaluation…

Low Intensity Vibration therapy for care home residents launches in UK

Low Intensity Vibration therapy for care home residents launches in UK

Marodyne is a new, medically-approved device that uses low-intensity…