No more slips, trips or drips with Muggi

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Muggi is an innovative new product which enables hot and cold drinks to be carried safely in any environment.

This unique tray enables up to four mugs to be carried safely in one hand, leaving the other hand free to support the user. Muggi also fits on to walking frames and can be conveniently placed on the lap of wheelchair users.

Maintain your independence with Spring Chicken Ltd


We all value our independence, without it we can feel defeated, depressed and at a loss.

It is therefore imperative that people living with disabilities have as much encouragement and aid to help maintain a healthy independent lifestyle whether that is something as simple as opening packaging, putting socks on or travelling and engaging in social activities whilst creating a sense of independence.We offer gadgets that allow an individual living with a disability to keep their independence doing day-to-day tasks inside and outside their home.

Mental health recruitment plan comes under fire from leading unions

Ambitious mental health recruitment plan comes under fire

An ambitious recruitment drive for mental health provision in England has come under fire as leading unions say more still needs to be done. 

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced his plan to tackle the "historic imbalance" of mental health provision by offering 24/7 services and fully integrated mental and physical healthcare. 

The announcement also revealed plans to treat an additional one million patients by 2020 to 2021, creating thousands of new roles. 

Although the Royal College of Nursing has welcomed the move, it has also warned that the government has a lot of work to do, even just to reach the same level of staffing as in 2010. 

Gorvins - Guide to Using a Trust in Your Will

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As parents, it’s never fun to think about what would happen if you weren’t around, but if you have a successful business, have money in property or are simply thinking about protecting and controlling your family’s assets, you may be considering using a trust to protect your child.

So, what exactly is a trust?

A trust is an arrangement in which ownership of someone’s assets is transferred to trustees, for the benefit of the trust’s beneficiaries. Trusts are often written into Wills and only take effect on death, although it is also possible to set up lifetime trusts.  

But, does using a trust mean my child can’t access funds?  


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