SpecialEffect receive early Christmas present from web specialists

December 19, 2018

Code Wizards who specialise in enterprise and solution architecture for their clients are delighted to have been able to donate their services to SpecialEffect, the charity that helps children and adults with disabilities integrate with their friends to play computer games.

Following a meet up at a recent UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) conference, the trade body for companies working in the video games and esports arena, Code Wizards met with SpecialEffect and found they could help them with an integration that they required on their website.

They expressed that they needed Twitch integration on their website to help push GameBlast, which is their event for raising awareness and funds by industry veterans and insiders stream their game play.

Stuart Muckley, managing director at Code Wizards commented, "Our Code Wizards team consists of a 50/50 mix of men and women which is quite unusual within the IT sector but helps us to quickly associate with different market sectors.

"Our team completed the integration on time and SpecialEffect are ready to benefit from the enhanced engagement it brings to their GameBlast event in February 2019."
Tom Donegan from SpecialEffect commented, "As a small charity, getting the best people on board to help in our fundraising prep can be tricky, but Lee and Nicola at Code Wizards stepped up to the plate when we needed some key Twitch integration for our GameBlast website.

"As well as being fantastic people to work with, the solution they provided was really effective and easy to implement.

"Top work, top guys and gals!"
 Additional information can be found at www.codewizards.co.uk and www.specialeffect.org.uk

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