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Able2 expands their comprehensive range of rollators

June sees Able2 expand their comprehensive range of rollators with another string to their bow – the EZ Fold-N-Go.

For many, a rollator is a great way to keep mobile as the years pass: it provides support when walking, is often somewhere to sit for minute and can on occasion handily store bits and bobs picked up during a trip to town. Nowadays, with space at a premium wherever we go, a rollator can seem a cumbersome piece of equipment when you’re trying to tuck it out of the way.

The new EZ Fold-N-Go is different, folding both widthways and front to back this product measures just 33 x 25cm when folded and so is easy to tuck in a corner out of the way.  Woman sat on Able2 rollator

“Crowded public transport, tightly squeezed in coffee shop tables and even small rooms at home mean that tucking your walking aid out of the way is nigh on impossible in many situations. It’s why Able2 have been on the lookout for a folding mechanism that enables a rollator to collapse down significantly smaller; reducing its impact when not in use” explains Able2 Managing Director Mark Diaj.

At 6.1kg the EZ Fold-N-Go strikes the perfect balance – lightweight enough to be easy to use, yet with enough weight to ensure that it is sturdy and reliable. Like many of Able2’s products the EZ Fold-N-Go comes in a range of colours, enabling customers to express their personality through choice.

Able2 are a national supplier to mobility retailers, pharmacies and the healthcare sector; supplying a huge range of aids that are designed to make life easier. For more information on where to purchase Able2 products, or to register as a retailer, please visit www.able2.eu.