Be a volunteer helper!

October 31, 2017

The joy of Woodlarks is that everyone involved is a volunteer. The disabled people who come here have all sorts of disabilities. They rely on volunteer helpers to enable them to join in all that Woodlarks has to offer. 


 As one camper said, ‘A new experience every day.’


The summer half term week, and every week through July and August, urgently needs active helpers to engage for a week.


As soon as bookings open in January, camp leaders are flooded with applications from disabled people who want to attend their week.  Sadly, they have to put many on a waiting list until they can be sure that they have enough helpers.


Could you give a week of your holidays to help someone with a disability to enjoy their week at Woodlarks?


You might come wondering whatever you have committed yourself to, but I can guarantee that very soon you’ll be involved in fun activities with new friends.  Both the camper you enable, along with experienced helpers, will let you know what is needed.


It could be the highlight of your year.


Have a look on – and come!



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