4 ways to create an easy access bathroom

November 27, 2018

Every little opportunity to gain back a little bit of independence can make the biggest difference to someone disabled. To avoid any disruption to a daily routine that can come with mobility issues, it is important to simplify and tailor your living space to your needs. Bespoke Interiors Newcastle has put together 4 tips to help you achieve just that without compromising style and design over function. 

Replace a bath with a walk in shower enclosure

When remodelling your bathroom to fit with your needs, it's important to arrange a proper place for showering. Choose a walk-in shower enclosure to fit a wheelchair or make it easier getting into. It is important to ensure that the enclosure has appropriate flooring to prevent slips.  This will also be more cost productive than turning your bathroom into a wet room. 

Install some grab rails

There is no need to install ugly and bulky grab rails. There are plenty of sleek and chic looking ones available on the market that will compliment any bathroom design.  Rails as such will provide reassuring safety and will ensure a degree of independence.  For family shared spaces, installing fold up rails might be a great option to avoid any obstruction. 

Accessible toilet

With restricted movements, it is important to consider the best toilet option for your individual needs. There are different styles and options of specially-adapted toilets available on the market. Japanese-style electronic toilets have become rather popular with British homeowners, as well. These toilets, while sometimes pricier, can offer functions such as sensor-operated seats and flushes, personal cleaning sprays and self-cleaning functions. 

Accessible vanity and mirror

When designing the vanity space in your bathroom, keep in mind the needs of the person using it. If wheelchair access is needed, ensure the sink is mounted to the wall without any underneath cabinets for access. Ensure the sink is set up the right height as well for most comfortable experience and all the necessary sanitary products are kept at arm’s reach. 


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