Effects of CES on childhood autism beneficial according to new study

UK autism expert and neuroscientist, Dr Lorene Amet conducted a pilot evaluation to determine the effects of the Alpha-Stim Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) device on children with autism...

Dr Amet comments, “This is a small scale evaluation, but it has been very beneficial to reduce issues related to anxiety, sleep and pain. There was a diminution of restricted, repetitive, self-stimulatory behaviours: hand flapping and twirling both in frequency and intensity. The effects of CES were that children improved physically, and became more engaged.”

“Social disengagement had been lessened because the Alpha-Stim has a calming effect and rebalances the central nervous system. It helps to bring about an equilibrium and improved wellbeing”
effects of CES
“I recently conducted a trial with five parents on the Alpha-Stim. One family did not use it, another used it one or two days, but felt they had not used it enough to judge it. Of the remaining 3 families, each child used it on average for 5 or more days a week for a month. The results were positive.”

“Parents rated their child’s anxiety out of 5 before and after, and there was on average a 2 point drop. They commented: ‘Calmer in the mornings after using Alpha-Stim.’ ‘Hyper ventilation totally stopped. And two of the three families reported an improvement in their child’s sleep. ‘More restful.’ ‘Sleep more hours over the week.’”

Lorene’s findings are backed up by a China study on the Alpha-Stim, which found “Compared to baseline scores, the SAS [The Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale] standard score of all subjects significantly decreased and returned to a normal value (<50) after the treatment...’ 

“I am very, very excited by what the Alpha-Stim can offer to those with autism.”

The Alpha-Stim AID retails for £549 or on a buy-to-rent scheme from £51 a month. Visit www.alpha-stim.co.uk or 01487 208041.