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Drew Sabre, a paraplegic, and his neighbors are faced with a life threatening decision. Should they flee with the masses as the zombies move ever closer to their town, or barricade themselves indoors and fight off the growing corpse army on their own terms.Drew Sabre Book cover

This novel is written to make you laugh, cry, hate, while cheering on Drew as he realistically holds his own. Be forewarned, this is a horror story, and contains graphic language and violence. Not suitable for children. For mature audiences only. 
There are very few books on the market where the main character is disabled, as well as caters to an adult readership. The author Jon Lawk, hopes to change this by writing additional novels featuring Drew Sabre. We appreciate your support in this effort to fill a much needed niche market. 
This ebook is 93,000 words long and covers an exhausting six day period. Although the background setting is the zombie apocalypse, the real story takes place in Drew's neighborhood where he is pitted against the undead and the uncivilized living.

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