Maintain your independence with Spring Chicken Ltd

August 8, 2017

We all value our independence, without it we can feel defeated, depressed and at a loss.

It is therefore imperative that people living with disabilities have as much encouragement and aid to help maintain a healthy independent lifestyle whether that is something as simple as opening packaging, putting socks on or travelling and engaging in social activities whilst creating a sense of independence.We offer gadgets that allow an individual living with a disability to keep their independence doing day-to-day tasks inside and outside their home.

independence1A real sense of achievement can be created with a hobby such as maintaining beautiful and accessible gardens, not only will this improve self-esteem but it will also provide a sense of fulfilment. The Rolling Garden Work Seat allows you to sit down comfortably whilst weeding and planting without having to bend or kneel independencerecommended for anyone who has reduced mobility, joint pain or back problems.  

It can be frustrating for individuals with mobility issues to have to ask for help or assistance, not only is it embarrassing for them but it can also begin to put doubt on their own ability to care for themselves. Something as regular as putting your socks on and taking them off can be proven very frustrating & time consuming. The Sock Aid offers a solution for those who suffer from arthritis or mobility problems, this allows the user to independently slide their foot into a sock securely without having to bend, stretch or twist:

Many tasks in the kitchen can become difficult when living with a disability, feeling defeated can lead to a deterioration in health and ability. Appliances can be heavy and fiddly resulting in frustration and tasks such as making a cup of tea become overwhelming. The Easy Pour Tipping Kettle has been designed to make boiling and pouring hot water independence2safe and easy, with an ergonomic handle for stability and a secure base the kettle pivots inside the base as water safely pours out:

Incontinence can cause a person to lose confidence and avoid going out and enjoying themselves, Confitex is an ingenious brand that allows a person to feel confident and assured. A brand of washable underwear for both men and women in a range of styles offers patented fabric technology that absorbs liquid whilst stopping leaks with a breathable waterproof fabric.


Promoting independence will not only strengthen relationships but improve quality of life and it’s our passion to help promote and maintain an independent lifestyle for people living with disabilities.


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