August 6, 2018

Nothing really prepares you for parenthood and caring for a child with additional needs carries extra challenges. Nicola Murgatroyd, the founder of MyLiferaft, was a working mother and parent carer for her daughter Faith. Sheunderstands the world of being a parent carer and wanted to find a way to make life easier for families.  

“I realised the lack of joined up care meant that parents, carers, education and medical professionals frequently held the same information, but none of it was shared.  I wished there was one place I could hold all our information, and then share it with others. This is what we have created with MyLiferaft – a secure online tool to support families managing extra care related work; but also helps with aspects of modern day living”.

MyLiferaft provides a secure place online where you can keep and update all the details about the person you care for; all their health, care and well-being needs. Accessed on the web from a tablet, laptop or phone, MyLiferaft enables you to keep your care network up-to-date. You control and decide who gets what information, and when.

We are so excited about the future of MyLiferaft and the benefits that it will bring you, your loved ones and the network of care that supports you.  MyLiferaft puts youback in charge by:

Reducing the need for you to repeat information to all the people in your care network; you can share relevant information directly with them

Helping you find information quickly and easily; removing the stress of completing forms 

Helping you be more prepared for meetings and assessments

Ensuring your care network is kept up to date on the needs of the person receiving care and how they are doing

Taking away the worry - you know that others can access information if you are not there. 

Supporting the person to lead a fuller life, stay well and achieve their goals and ambitions

Providing a lifelong history of important health, care, school and work information.

To find out more about how MyLiferaft can support you and your family, and to try it for FREE, visit our website  The website also contains a library of resources that offer help and support on a large variety of topics, as well as our weekly blog and a regular MyLiferaft newsletter.



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