New Research Into Health & Wellbeing Of RDA Volunteering

January 30, 2019

A Sport England-funded study is set to reveal the impact of RDA volunteering on health and wellbeing. The biggest survey of its kind carried out by RDA aims to capture information from as many of the charity’s 19,000 volunteers as possible.

“There is plenty of anecdotal evidence about the importance of volunteering in how people feel about themselves, and RDA volunteers are no exception,” explains Matt Cobble, Volunteer Development Manager at RDA UK. “But we have never been able to back that up with proper research. With Sport England now recognising volunteering in sport as an activity in its own right, now is a great time for us to find out if there really is a positive impact on those who take part.”

The results of the survey will be added to a qualitative study on the same subject. Both elements will form part of a report to be launched in Parliament at a reception hosted by MP for Cheltenham, Alex Chalk, on 6 February as part of RDA’s 50th anniversary.

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