Remotely Accessible to Carers; The Simple Smartphone for Elderly & Disabled

April 20, 2017

The New amplicomms M9500 is the first Smartphone that turns into a remotely controlled device so Care Givers can support operation of the Phone or help in an emergency

  • Unique HELP Function for Relatives to remotely operate the phone
  • Care Giver Function – remote Call In for status check, Find My Phone operation etc.
  • SOS Button For Emergencies with Google Map GPS location of caller
  • Press & Hold Operation to avoid accidental touch dialing
  • Hearing Aid Compatible with Amplified Ringer (90dB) and Calls (40dB)

Specially designed to help older or disabled users connect to the wired world, the new amplicomms M9500 offers all the benefits of a Smartphone with some exceptional features. 


HELP Button for Remote AccessRemotely Accessible to Carers; The Simple Smartphone for Elderly & Disabled

For the first time, family members can support a loved one by remotely operating their phone, as if it were in their hands.  Pushing the Help button on the M9500 will give a choice of authorised contacts to receive an automated link via email, text or Whatsapp, enabling a screen share for complete control of the phone.  Apps can be loaded, settings changed, emails constructed, etc.


Care Giver Function

Using the Care Giver function, selected relatives can initiate a remote “Call In” and have a two-way hands-free conversation, remotely activate “Find My Phone”, check the battery or signal status or do a complete a restart.


Emergency Service

The SOS button can be programmed to call up to five contacts with a pre-recorded voice message, followed by a text containing a Google Map link of the phones location, in an emergency this could be a lifesaver.


Press & Hold Operation The menu is displayed as large slices, with a “Press & Hold” long click function to avoid accidental touching (speed adjustable) when navigating the menu, making it easier for people with dexterity issues or those not used to a touch screen.


Simple to Use

The 5” touch screen has big app icons and an XL horizontal keypad with the option of voice assistance, or message dictation facility.

Messages of any type, text, emails, notifications and images etc. all arrive in the phone’s Message Centre making it less confusing.  

Additional features include hearing aid compatibility, amplified sound, vocalised Caller ID, double-sided camera, Dual SIM Card Slot, and built-in music player, FM Radio, torch calendar etc.

The new amplicomms M9500 helps avoid isolation and depression.


£179.99 SIM-free from: Tel: 0800 032 1301


Feature list:

  • HELP Button for Relatives to remotely access and operate the phone
  • SOS button on the rear calls or texts with Google Map location (AGPS)
  • Dual operating systems: Android 5.1 and amplicomms OS
  • Loud Call volume (adjustable, up to 40dB)
  • Extra loud ringer (adjustable, up to 90dB)
  • World's highest standard ofcompatibility (T4/M4) for super-clear sound
  • Vibration Alert for incoming calls
  • 5-inch touch screen
  • 8 megapixel rear flash camera and 2 megapixel front camera
  • Memory can be expanded up to 32GB
  • 4G quad band for world-wide use
  • Dual SIM card slots
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • Glass and Film Touch Panel supports multi-touch
  • Battery life: approximately 8 hours talk time, 4 hours Video time, 8 days standby
  • Dimensions: 144x73x10.6mm


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