No more slips, trips or drips with Muggi

August 9, 2017

Muggi is an innovative new product which enables hot and cold drinks to be carried safely in any environment.

This unique tray enables up to four mugs to be carried safely in one hand, leaving the other hand free to support the user. Muggi also fits on to walking frames and can be conveniently placed on the lap of wheelchair users.

muggiIt securely holds mugs and glasses, and catches any spills in the bottom of the tray; contributing to a reduction in slips, trips and stained carpets caused by spillages. Muggi has four non-slip rubber feet and its finger and thumb holds make it easy for anyone to carry.

Made from lightweight, but extremely tough Polypropylene, muggi comes in seven vibrant colours blue, grey, red, purple, green, pink and a black recycled material. It can be customised with a company’s logo and in a bespoke company colour.

Inventor, David Trotter said: ‘’the original muggi was designed to combat breakages and muggi1spillages on-board boats and yachts, however it soon became clear to me that it provided a safe way of carrying hot drinks in just about any environment.

“We’re very excited to see muggi being used by an increasing number of people that want to maintain their independence and I am delighted to have created a product which helps to reduce accidents from hot drinks.”

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