Survey confirms the importance of The Sound Doctor within any self-management programme

January 24, 2019

Online health educator The Sound Doctor has just completed its most recent patient survey with Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which confirms the importance of its service as part of any self-managed health programme focusing on long-term conditions. 

The Sound Doctor produces world class educational health films. Following a text campaign from some Wolverhampton Practices, thousands of patient had immediate access to the Sound Doctor library of films. Most popular conditions were diabetes, lifestyle, dementia, COPD and back pain.

Wolverhampton CCG developed questions which were sent out via email and text to 130 patients.

More than half (55%) of the patients had been diagnosed with a long-term condition in the last year (and more than a fifth within one or two years). A similar number strongly agreed that they felt more confident about what to do if their condition worsens, while 84% reported visiting their GP or medical practice less after going on The Sound Doctor’s website. Approaching half had used hospital inpatient and A & E service less. 

Half also said they felt more confident managing their condition. 

In around 15% of cases, a carer completed the survey on behalf of the patient. Just over 50% had accessed The Sound Doctor more than five times, more than 40% between three and five times. Over 55% agreed that, since using the service, they understood their condition better.

Here are just a handful of the comments made in the survey: 

“I have watched a lot of the films and have gone back to them several times each because I can’t always remember the first time. They are very useful” 

“We would have been a bit stuck without some of this advice. I didn't find much of the information I wanted on the Alzheimers society website and NHS.UK doesn't have very much so this was perfect for us. I thought the carers perspectives were really useful and so were their tips as I know they have already been through it all.”

“This is a really good resource for me and for my wife. We didn't know anything about diabetes until I was diagnosed so this is very important for us and I'm glad my practice recommended it.“

“I am doing the seated exercises most days - very useful.”

“Demonstrations of the inhaler technique and the film on tips for different breathing exercises were particularly helpful.”

Rosie Runciman, co-founder of The Sound Doctor, said: “It’s always great to get feedback like this, and to have so many responses saying users had visited hospital and their GP less, Letting everyone know that the resource is available by texting a unique practice link is such an easy way of communicating, gives each practice good data, and could make a real difference in terms of prevention.”

The Sound Doctor works with medical professionals to help patients to manage their conditions better at home. The films are three to five minutes long and are full of  accessible, engaging, practical information. They feature  a wide variety of clinical experts and patients, and have the support of leading disease-specific charities.

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