Making driving with a disability easier with designed2enable

December 12, 2018

For many disabled people, their car is a lifeline. It provides independence, enabling people to stay active by getting out of the house and socialising with others. However, for some, getting in and out of the car and refuelling can be a challenge.

Katherine of designed2enable Ltd has therefore put together a list of car-related products to help make life a little easier and more pleasurable for disabled drivers and passengers…

Top 4 products for disabled drivers and passengers:

Blue badge holder from designed2enable

Blue Badge Parking Permit Holder 

Protect your disabled Blue Badge Parking Holder and clock timer with our stylish range of wallets, designed to hold both the Blue Badge Permit and the clock timer. Available in soft leather or a fun range of fabrics, the wallet will fit in a handbag, tucked down by the side of your seat or in the glove box. An anti-fraud hologram has recently been added to the permit and the design of these wallets ensures that it is not covered, as it could be damaged in the heat by sticking to the plastic covering. You can read more by visiting.

Prices from £25.00

myhailo from designed2enable

MyHailo Fuel Station Alert Fob

If you are a disabled driver, refuelling your car can be quite stressful. How do you alert the fuel station’s staff to your needs, to come out and serve you, without honking your car horn and manically waving your blue parking permit to attract their attention? MyHailo to the rescue! It is a system that enables you to alert the fuel station’s staff at the push of a button, on a key fob. Once you are at a participating fuel station, activate the fob and a red light will appear on the station’s beacon near the cashier’s window, alerting the staff to your needs. The light will then turn to green, acknowledging your call and a friendly member of staff will then come out to serve you. Endorsed by Disabled Motoring UK for stress free refuelling. 

Price: £19.95

Back rest from designed2enable

SISSEL DorsaBack CAR Posture Support 

If you suffer with a bad back or spend a lot of time sitting down, the DorsaBack Car Posture Support will give you the extra support that you need to ensure good posture whilst driving. It is ergonomically designed, encouraging a natural sitting position, giving you optimum support with a durable poly suede fabric. As an optional extra, you can use it with the SISSEL Lumbar Roll which gives extra support to the lumbar area.

Price £44.95 

Optional Lumbar Roll Price £14.95

Handybar from designed2enable

Handybar Car Support Handle 

Designed to help with the transition of getting in and out of the car, Handybar is a strong and portable tool with a non-slip handle that supports you while you climb in and out of the car. Handybar slots into the U-shaped striker plate which is built into the door frame of every car. It is one of the strongest parts of the vehicle and is a component of the door safety locking system. Handybar has a soft grip handle and once the bar is slotted into position, it will support your weight as you lean on it to manoeuvre yourself in and out of the car. Using Handybar will help prevent a fall; it is also useful in emergencies, doubling as a seat belt cutter and for smashing a car window.

Price £31.95

designed2enable is an online retailer that specialises in stylish aids for daily living. For all these items and more, see the website or tel 0800 772 3771. Please note: all prices exclude delivery.


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