Parking advice for Blue Badge holders

May 3, 2018

One-in-five Blue Badge holders cant use disabled bay spaces because they are used by drivers with no disability, says research from the Baywatch Campaign of Disabled Motoring UK, but Ryan Jackson, MD of Gemini Parking Solutions, suspects the numbers could be even higher. Knowing your rights when it comes to parking can help you face the issues that might come up with confidence. Here, Ryan clears up any grey areas and explains the rules:

The Blue Badge Scheme in England: Your Rights

“To administer a national agreement of parking privileges for disabled people, the Blue Badge scheme was established in 1971, providing those who need it the opportunity to park near establishments and services. However, it does not apply to off-street car parks, although they may provide bays for Blue Badge holders. Parking in on-street Blue Badge parking bays without having a badge is an offence and carries a maximum fine of £1,000. Police officers, traffic wardens, local authority parking attendants and civil enforcement officers have the prerogative to ask for a Blue Badge if the person is parking at on-street Blue Badge parking bay.

Your Responsibilities Blue Badge

“Blue Badge holders also have the responsibility to use their badges fairly. They should be the driver or the passenger able to use their badge. People using Blue Badge under the possible pretence that a disabled person is having them run an errand will not be accepted and can be liable for misuse which could lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.”

The Blue Badge is not Universal

“It’s important to know that the Blue Badge scheme doesn’t apply in London, Westminster, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and that part of the London Borough of Camden to the south of and including Euston Road. These areas have their own concessionary schemes for disabled people regarding car parking. London applies the Red Badge scheme which gives parking privileges for people with disabilities who are city residents or permanent city workers. Red Badge holders can park in payment parking bays and disabled bays without paying while Blue Badge holders can park for their purchased time.”

Enforcement of Off-street Car Parks for Disabled Persons

“As off-street car parks, like the supermarket and local council car parks, are not accountable to the Blue Badge Scheme, carrying out a fair use of car parks for disabled people becomes a matter of management solely for the owner or the operator of the car park. There are no legal bindings that can keep people who are misusing the disabled bays in check, so the only action one could take is to ask the person to leave or to contact the management of the establishment.  Gemini Parking Solutions devotes effort to address this need and we acknowledge that the abuse of disabled spaces is a major problem in busy commercial spaces such as retail parks. Our systems are designed to ensure a fair car park where you can monitor disabled bay usage, enforce rules and prevent abuse. Misuse of disabled bays fell by 70% across three cars parks in Greater London after adding our enforcement methods.”

Ryan Jackson is the founder and CEO of Gemini Parking Solutions, the UK’s only “values-based” Car Park Management Company.  A serial entrepreneur, Ryan’s passion is to build disruptive companies that shake up the status quo and pave the way for a new age of thinking in various industry sectors.

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