Epic cruises for adventurers with physical limitations

August 3, 2018

Expedition cruises are one of easiest, most reliable and least stressful options for people, of all ages and physical capabilities, wanting that truly epic holiday adventure.  With more cruise lines than ever before departing to exotic climes directly from the UK – and from a number of easily accessible, new, regional departure ports too, such as Falmouth, Newcastle, Liverpool and Swansea –  cruise lines are helping UK travellers avoid all the hassle of air travel, with the forever possibility of flight cancellations, lengthy check-in procedures and over-crowded planes. A number of cruise lines have also introduced special onboard features that enhance the experience for travellers with disabilities. Whether it’s accessible cabins that open automatically, lifts in all the right places, fully accessible toilets and public areas, or just a dedicated, personal customer service, many cruise lines really do know how to provide the best comfort for those with most types of physical limitations.

Expedition cruises have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and there are somExpedition cruisese exciting itineraries available that promise something  for all great adventurers. For those that love wildlife, the Galapagos is a perfect, year-round destination.  A visit to the Ecuadorian islands is a science fiction adventure – with the ship acting as a time machine, as you visit a prehistoric land of volcanic eruptions, alien cactus trees, swimming iguanas, flightless birds and tortoises of lumbering immensity. A cruise is the perfect way to review the remarkable evolutionary variations of a number of islands, and offers a truly, immersive experience for wild-life spotting. December through February is the mating season for turtles, tortoises and sea lions - a perfect opportunity to record unforgettable wildlife scenes. 

Here is a link to an informative guide about luxury Galapagos cruises - https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=2685

Expedition cruisesFor those wanting a warmer experience, Africa offers a broad array of cruising possibilities. Wedged between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and capped off by the Mediterranean Sea, Africa features a stunning and generous coastline. Expedition cruises provide a practical and exciting way of getting acquainted with Africa's rich native cultures, legendary landscapes - from rolling dunes to sweeping savannas to rain forest-blanketed isles - and majestic wildlife. An exotic adventure there awaits, all from a comfortable floating home base. You can choose your cruise based on your interests - nature and wildlife scouting are top attractions in Africa, so you might want to sync up your sailing to coordinate with safari opportunities in game reserve hot spots like South Africa or Kenya. Perhaps you want to bask on glorious beaches, explore coastal deserts and dunes; or set out in search of rain forest biodiversity - such as in Madagascar? Wherever you cruise, you'll be guaranteed evocative memories and illuminating insights that are distinctly African. A cruise holiday makes the logistics of any trip there nearly seamless. The hardest part is deciding which area to see first and with what cruise line.

Here is an article that will help you decide whether a cruise to Africa is right for you -https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=2407

For those that aren’t bothered by the cold, then Alaska is an intriguing, culturally diverse destination with thousands of miles of scenic coastline that make it a natural draw for cruise ships. Expedition cruises travellers can readily enjoy the history and the frontier ambience of the 49th US state, but its wildlife and scenery are the main attractions. Towering mountains, massive glaciers, tranquil - and often turbulent - waterways, countless acres of rainforest and Arctic tundra are the magnets for cruise passengers. Whales, eagles, bears, moose, seals and seabirds may be seen from your ship, in port or on a shore tour. Alaska is a cruise destination unlike any other, showcasing a side of the United States that's rarely seen - still truly wild and open to endless adventure.

For more information a out Expedition cruises here is an article detailing 6 things you need to know about Alaska Cruise tours -https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=1236.

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