Moto rolls out fuel service app for drivers with disabilities

Moto has become the first motorway service area operator in Britain to roll out a mobile phone app specifically aimed at helping drivers with disabilities across all 48 of its sites.

One of the biggest frustrations for drivers with disabilities is arriving at a fuel forecourt and finding that no one is able to help them fill up.  But the FuelService app allows drivers to book assistance at Moto service area forecourts in advance of their arrival.

Using the app, they can identify which service area they want to use and automatically send a message asking if help is available. When they arrive on site the app alerts forecourt staff and tells them which pump the vehicle is at, removing the need for drivers to sound their horn or wave their blue badge to try to attract attention.

drivers with disabilities
Moto’s CEO Ken McMeikan said: “We are constantly looking at ways we can improve our customers’ journeys and wanted to find a solution to remove the frustrations drivers with disabilities can experience when trying to get fuel. We are delighted to introduce the FuelService app. We believe it will transform the experience for drivers who are unable to serve themselves.” 

The app is the creation of IT specialist Niall El-Assaad, who was left disabled after a cycling accident and recognised the problems facing disabled drivers the first time he tried to fill up his car.

He said: “I’m delighted that Moto has become the UK’s first motorway service area operator to offer this service to its customers at all of its sites. Refuelling has always been a frustrating issue for disabled drivers. You have your independence in being able to drive, but the limited options to pump your own petrol can leave you with very few places to go. Moto’s roll-out means that the whole of the motorway network is now open to us.”

FuelService is a not-for-profit organisation which donates all profits to spinal injury research to help find a cure for paralysis. The app can be downloaded at:

Drivers who do not have smartphones can use the service via an interactive voice service, SMS or on-line at: