Web tool WeMa Life sources health, care and wellbeing services

March 1, 2018

WeMa Life, an online marketplace and app, has been created to take the pain out of sourcing, booking and paying for health, care and wellbeing services.

From young people wanting regular fitness sessions to people in their 40s and 50s responsible for looking after elderly parents, WeMa Life has a broad appeal. It will also have significant benefits for individuals needing to arrange care before or after clinical treatment, removing stress and complexity from an already difficult situation.

Users can book social care, domiciliary care, nursing, domestic help, personal care and hygiene, massages, yoga and Pilates instructors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers and more.

Its proprietary web and mobile app technologies also help businesses improve the way they promote, manage and deliver their services.

To support its launch, WeMa Life commissioned a survey of more than 2,000 UK adults to uncover the issues that are rife in the health and care space, finding:

  • 15% of UK adults currently act as informal carers (giving regular, on-going assistance to a family member or close friend free of charge)
  • 46% of them find it difficult to source reputable healthcare providers
  • 66% want online solutions to make it easier to source healthcare services

WeMa Life brings together health and care providers with people seeking a wide range of services. Connecting care in the community, the multi-service HealthTech platform offers benefits to both consumers and businesses. For people seeking health, care and wellbeing services – either for themselves or someone close to them – WeMa Life makes it easy to source, book and pay reputable providers. Users can book one-off and on-going sessions, as well as services from multiple providers in one transaction.

WeMa Life is a family-run service launched after the Patnis' experience with a family member

Meanwhile, the tools available through the online portal and app enable businesses to improve the management and delivery of their services. As well as opening them up to a nationwide marketplace, WeMa Life lets health and care providers roster staff, arrange appointments, communicate with customers, accept payments and enhance efficiency.

WeMa Life is based in London, self-funded, and has been founded by the family trio of Rohit Patni (husband), Rajal Patni (wife) and Vivek Patni (son). They were inspired to develop the solution after experiencing first-hand how difficult it is to find and book reputable healthcare providers for an elderly relative. Research commissioned by WeMa Life to coincide with its launch, which was carried out independently among more than 2,000 UK adults, showed just how common these experiences are and therefore how great the need is for new digital tools to take the pain out of booking health, care and wellbeing services.

The survey also found:

  • On average, an informal carer spends 13 hours a week taking on duties such as cooking, cleaning and caring for someone close to them
  • 53% say the role has had a significant emotional impact on them, with 30% falling out with friends or family because of tensions around their responsibilities
  • 53% feel their carer responsibilities have hampered their careers and personal lives
  • Two fifths (39%) say the financial burden of being an informal carer has prevented them from leading the lifestyle they want
  • 77% of informal carers think they ought to get more support from the Government

WeMa Life Rojit

Rohit, CEO of WeMa Life (pictured above), has been working in IT for more than 30 years. In 2013 he sold card payment services company YESpay to WorldPay for more than £20million. Rajal, the CFO, has over 25 years’ experience working within a range of businesses in the construction, outsourcing and technology sectors, combining strategic, operational, and financial expertise helping these businesses grow. His son Vivek is the startup’s COO and has a background in professional services and a degree in biomedical sciences.

Rajal Patni, CFO (pictured below), said, “WeMa Life was borne out of our family’s own difficult experiences of caring for an elderly relative – we understand the emotional and physical strain of looking after a loved one. It’s a time-consuming role that requires a lot of diligence as well as a huge number of sacrifices. We’re confident that WeMa Life will make this experience far simpler and less stressful, while also helping others better managing their own health.”

WeMa Life Rajal

Vivek Patni, COO, said, “After a year of development and months of beta testing, we are delighted to announce the launch of WeMa Life’s multi-service HealthTech platform and app. We are confident that both consumers and businesses will benefit greatly from our easy-to-use product, which combines technological innovation with solid healthcare practices to empower individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle or better perform informal carer duties.”

Rohit Patni, CEO, added, “Anyone who has ever been tasked with sourcing domiciliary care for themselves or someone close to them will know how difficult, stressful and cumbersome the process can be. Often blighted by poor communication and requiring multiple platforms, the healthcare industry has been crying out for a better solution to connect care within communities – the launch of WeMa Life will deliver this.”

For more details, see wemalife.com

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