Tackling Life-Changing Disability

Closomat Toilet Tackling Life-Changing Disability

Not many men in their 50s would decide to cycle from London to Paris, nor take up wheelchair rugby. Yet that is what Dave Ralph from Letchworth has done.

The former garage owner suffered a prolapsed disc at work a decade ago, but carried on working, with the result that he severely damaged his spinal cord; remedial surgery failed. He has also had both shoulders replaced. His injury has been life-changing but he has taken up wheelchair rugby, playing at least twice a week at top level, and undertook a charity hand-cycle from London to Paris to raise money for spinal injury charities.

“You adapt and overcome,” he says. “Half the fun in life is adapting, although I have learnt (eventually) that if it hurts, don’t do it.”

Changing places on the English Riviera

Changing places on the English Riviera

The English Riviera is now one of the most accessible tourist destinations in the country - with the opening of state-of-the-art toilet facilities.

Torbay Council has refurbished the Festival Apollo toilet block on Paignton seafront to become a dedicated disabled toilet facility, featuring the first Changing Places in an open space in the area.

The Changing Places goes ‘above and beyond’ being equipped to ‘best practice’ guidelines under British Standards: it features a Closomat Palma Vita shower (wash & dry) toilet in place of a conventional WC, and height adjustable washbasin in addition to the necessary equipment of height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, privacy screen and ceiling track hoist. The facility is accessed via a code.

Reliable Cleanliness from Closomat

Closomat toilet

How long would you expect a piece of technology to last? In Mandy de la Mare’s case, it’s decades. The “tech” in question is her Closomat shower (wash & dry) toilet. Looking like, and capable of being used as a conventional WC, the Closomat has integrated automatic douching and drying. The user does not have to wipe clean (or be wiped clean).

“I’ve had a Closomat for 42 years and am only on my second one!” she says. “I only replaced the first one when I moved in 2003 after 30 years, and thought then that I had better upgrade to a new one.”

How A WC Is Helping One Man Get His Privacy Back

WC Closmat Asana

When electrician Kyle McAdam Whyte arranged to go out with friends four years ago, he little realised the consequences: it would involve him losing even his ability to go to the loo without help.

The car in which he was passenger was involved in an accident, which left Kyle unconscious and with life-changing injuries. High level spinal damage has left him unable to do most things for himself- even daily activities such as going to the toilet. So, he has used some of his compensation to adapt his family home, and install the latest in smart toilet technology- a Closomat Asana.

Home From Home In Disabled Holidaying

Fife Disabled Holiday Home

Disabled people can enjoy a holiday knowing they have those key aids they rely on at home, through a considerate approach to accommodation.

The Homelands Trust runs four luxury accessible lodges in Lundin Links, Fife, and is planning to build a further five to cope with demand- the current accommodation is almost completely booked solid for the year! 

Part of the popularity of the development stems from its commitment to making people feel they can access a ‘home away from home’ as closely as possible. The commitment extends to the bathroom fixtures- two of the purpose-built, open plan, two storey lodges feature a ground floor wetroom equipped with, among other aids, a Closomat shower toilet.

The Asana - In The Flush Of Ultimate Wellness

The Asana Toilet

A loo that claims to deliver the ultimate in intimate care can also deliver the ultimate in future-proofed and stylish bathroom design, through developments in flushing technology. The Asana is the latest multi-functional WC to be designed and engineered by Closomat, Britain’s brand leader in enabled toileting. It combines shower toilet assistive technology (integrated douching and drying) for able and disabled alike, with contemporary styling- which extends right through to the flush operating mechanisms.