Life-Changing Disability

Tackling Life-Changing Disability

Closomat Toilet Tackling Life-Changing Disability

Not many men in their 50s would decide to cycle from London to Paris, nor take up wheelchair rugby. Yet that is what Dave Ralph from Letchworth has done.

The former garage owner suffered a prolapsed disc at work a decade ago, but carried on working, with the result that he severely damaged his spinal cord; remedial surgery failed. He has also had both shoulders replaced. His injury has been life-changing but he has taken up wheelchair rugby, playing at least twice a week at top level, and undertook a charity hand-cycle from London to Paris to raise money for spinal injury charities.

“You adapt and overcome,” he says. “Half the fun in life is adapting, although I have learnt (eventually) that if it hurts, don’t do it.”