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Coventry Suzuki Motability Scheme

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Coventry Suzuki provide a wide range of makes, models and adaptations offered on the Motability Scheme make it simple to find the ideal car. You can also count on the support and guidance of your nearest Green 4 Motor company team. All of our dealerships have a Motability Specialist on hand.

One important consideration is what you will mainly use the vehicle for. Hatchbacks and compact cars fit the bill for regular family journeys, as an example. Drivers who frequently take rougher rural roads may find that a 4x4, SUV or crossover model is more suited to the terrain.

How can I benefit from the Motability scheme?

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The Motability scheme is great for those with a disability to be able to continue their everyday life. However, although many know they can get a car, not everyone knows to what extent they can alter it to suit their needs. Here, we look at what the Motability scheme is, how you qualify and how you can change a vehicle or choose an adapted vehicle under the scheme.  

How do I qualify for the Motability scheme? 

The scheme was set up in 1978 to allow disabled people to be able to move more freely so they aren’t confined to their home. Since then, over four and a half million cars, scooters and powered wheelchairs have been provided to those who require them. 

Snows drives ahead with Motability Scheme hybrid Toyota cars 

Snows  hybrid Toyota cars

One of the leading motor dealerships in southern England is gearing up for an increase in Motability Scheme customers looking to buy self-charging hybrid Toyota vehicles.

Family-run Snows Motor Group has seen a rise in consumer interest for hybrids, which combine an electric motor and standard combustion engine to reduce vehicle emissions.

It is a trend borne by latest UK industry figures for new cars - registrations of petrol and diesel cars fell whilst hybrid and plug-in vehicles posted an increase of nearly 4%.

The Motability Scheme is the lending car scheme for disabled people.